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Our Mission is to:

Empower individuals with developmental disabilities,

Enrich the quality of their lives by providing support, advocacy, grants and resources, and

Promote community awareness.

Creating Brighter Futures

Since 1992, The Deepwood Foundation has been providing assistance to Lake County children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families as a nonprofit and charitable resource. The Foundation was formed by forward-thinking parents, family members and DD professionals and advocates who recognized the ever-increasing need for and importance of community-backed financial aid. Through financial support, we provide special services, tools and items necessary for children and adults to achieve their full potential.

In partnership and collaboration with other charitable organizations The Deepwood Foundation provides support for essential programs such as Share-A-Chair, The Autism Fund, The Community Assistance Program, Special Olympics and The Foster Camper Project. We have also provided funding for unique individual requests such as assistance in buying adaptive equipment and aids, short-term emergency assistance, specialized therapy and tutoring lessons, and respite services.

Help is Still Needed. As a 501(c)(3) charity, The Deepwood Foundation relies on grants, community fundraising efforts, tax-deductible corporate sponsorships and personal contributions to help those who cannot fully afford the services, equipment or items they require. Because of all of the generous contributions over the past fifteen years we have been able to serve more than 600 children and adults annually through various programs.


Art With a Heart August 19th

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An Enchanted Evening

With Deepwood

November 6th

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Jingle Belles Rock  Girls Night Out

  November 18th

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Your kindness and participation will help us support the people we serve so they can do the things they dream of doing.

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   The Deepwood Foundation and

   The  Deepwood Run Award

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Thank you Home Savings Charitable Foundation for your generous support of the Foster Camper Program!

Thank you Knights of Columbus, St. Bede the Venerable Council No. 13755 for their generous donation to the Deepwood Foundation.